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These at a glance techniques provide a snapshot of essential knowledge to draw upon when you need proven methods to solve specific problems right now.

What are techniques?

Over thirty quick-glance technique cards provide step-by-step guidance and practical tips. Leverage these tools while problem solving on your own or guiding your team to navigate a challenge in a new and interesting way.

Summaries of popular techniques

How techniques could impact your work

Hear how Product Owner, Chris B., used the Three Question Model technique to help her team:

When Chris went through the VFQ Agile Practitioner course, she learned the Three Question Model technique as a way to systematize continuous improvement in a team. She immediately recognized how it could help her team reach a higher level of performance, but it wasn’t the right time to introduce a new idea. They were close to launching a critical new product and everyone was heads down. A couple months later, when they came up for air, Chris couldn’t quite remember all the specifics of the Three Question Model but she knew she wanted to give it a try. So she pulled out her Technique card, quickly refreshed her knowledge with it, and used it to walk her team through the technique at their next team improvement session.


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