Agile in the wild.

Dealing with the top challenges when adapting Agile in your organization.

WEBINAR – 6th September 2017

Learn some of the recurring themes that are hampering organizations working hard to improve. In a lively discussion, we shared insights into how you can go about solving these challenges and discuss ways on how we work with teams to effectively adapt Agile methodology.

In this webinar, Gina Bradbury (Consultant, Coach and Trainer) and Philip Black (Chief Operating Officer, Emergn) shared their experience and advice on how to tackle ‘Agile in the Wild’.

Learn how you can:

  • Move to better Agile ways of working in your organization
  • Get fast customer feedback to improve your products and services
  • Improve collaboration within your team and with your stakeholders

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Gina is an experienced commercial strategist, consultant and trainer. She spent many years at the helm of a number of major organisations, leading them through significant growth and digital transformation, before moving into consultancy. She is fascinated by behavioural psychology and passionate about a customer centric approach, particularly when applied to product and proposition development.


Philip is Chief Operating Officer for Emergn and Product Manager for VFQ. In between running Emergn and working with our clients, he writes content and develops courses for Value, Flow, Quality. He is passionate about helping people change and own the way they work and help them develop their own passions.