Learning modules

These modules break down the VFQ body of knowledge into single topics, helping you focus on the areas that solve your most pressing problems today

What’s inside our learning modules?

VFQ brings together insights and guidance from thousands of articles, books, case studies and models, providing a solid foundation for practitioners and experts in Agile and Product Management.

The 20+ topics in the library cover the entire idea-to-market lifecycle. From how to understand your market and customers, to prioritizing the most valuable work and collaborating with a team to deliver work in small batches according to Agile principles.

Essential Education

Essential education

Educational content, consolidated and summarized down to its essence.



Activities to reinforce learning individually or with your team.

Case Studies

Case studies

Case studies of concepts that have worked (and things that haven’t).

Next Steps

Next steps

Suggested next steps to implement change in your workplace.



Extensive bibliography and references for further reading.

How learning modules work

People learn best in different ways and VFQ Learning Modules are built to guarantee your new knowledge sticks. Need to practice to understand? Dive deep into activities. Do you learn by seeing how others applied these concepts? Focus on our case studies. However you learn best, VFQ will get you there.


What will you learn?

Learning objectives

Prioritize competing needs based on value to quickly sort through all the noise

Learning objectives

Develop a customer centric mindset to increase your empathy and effectiveness

Learning objectives

Adopt a discovery mindset and unlock possibilities through experimentation

Learning objectives

Improve incrementally by leveraging the incredible power of feedback

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What’s coming soon?

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