Getting started with VFQ

Where to start your learning journey.

Welcome to VFQ. We’re excited you’re here with us and ready for your learning journey. If you’re interested in getting the most out of any education program, take a look at this guidance. It’s got some good hints and tips.

VFQ is a big body of knowledge and can be a little daunting and it depends on how much content you’ve purchased and have access to. Here’s how we suggest you get started:

Start with Foundations

The Foundations of VFQ is something that everyone can get value from. It’s a way for you to develop a new way to solve problems. It will help you discover what the right things are to work on and also how to discover the best way to deliver it. It’s got practical activities too so you can make an immediate difference to your current work.

Do a pathway

Once you’ve got the foundations under your belt, it’s time to consider a longer pathway based on your role. If you’re working in a team delivering a new idea, building or designing software or developing a product take a look at the Agile Practitioner Pathway.  If your job is more about managing a product or you’re a Product Owner or leader, start with the Product Management Pathway.

Explore the content

For people with a subscription or have an Enterprise License with your company, you have access to many books, templates and technique library items. This material can be used independently as a self-study program or as a book club with your teammates and colleagues to go on a journey of improvement.