Frequently asked questions
Answers to the questions we get asked the most about VFQ Membership.
How does VFQ membership work?

A VFQ membership entitles you to all of the content in the library today. This includes role-based online courses, topic-based content and a library of practical instructions for skills and techniques. We are continuing to develop new content all the time, and, while you are within your membership period, you will be able to get updates to all of these elements and more.

What is VFQ?

VFQ stands for Value, Flow, Quality. VFQ is not a methodology but a belief that focusing on these three outcomes is the best way to discover the right way of working for your context and to achieve sustained benefit. These outcomes are best explained as:

  • Deliver value early and often
  • Optimize the flow of work end to end
  • Discover quality with fast feedback

We see people and businesses adhering to process while losing sight of the outcomes. Teams doing Agile, not being Agile, cannot deliver the benefit their business is looking for. Teams focusing on Value, Flow and Quality, can and will.

The VFQ body of knowledge covers the key frameworks and approaches that align with the Agile Manifesto and brings in techniques from Lean, Design Thinking and more to cover topics on building business models, software development and engineering, leadership and management. There is specific material covering product management and development, change and portfolio management topics.

It covers material for anyone involved in the process of bringing new ideas to market and whatever your level of Agile experience, VFQ delivers opportunities to apply improvements across the ‘Idea-to-Market’ lifecycle, dramatically reducing time-to-market and increasing the overall value delivered.

How is work-based learning better than other methods?

People who have studied the area suggest 70% of learning is done at work, 20% is done through wider reading and talking with colleagues, and the final 10% is from training in the classroom.  But different people learn in different ways, and that’s why VFQ is a work-based learning system that supports all three areas of learning, utilizing the 70:20:10 model.  It is designed to bring together the best of the classroom, access to experts and practical application of learning in your own work.  This helps people develop the skills and capabilities required to improve their own work rather than just learning the theory.  The best way to learn is through doing.

How frequently is new content added?

We’ll release new content on a quarterly basis. Keep an eye on your email inbox to be the first to hear about new updates.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged when your membership starts. It will automatically renew monthly or annually (depending on your chosen payment plan) unless you cancel.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by visiting your My Account page. You’ll need to be signed in order to access it.

How can I convince my manager to pay for my membership?

VFQ education requires you to apply your learnings in your day to day work. It will lead to immediate work improvements. Additionally, you will also be bringing a new way of thinking that will help your organization deliver more value to your customers. If they still have questions for you that you can’t answer after reading this, then email us at

Can I purchase memberships for a whole department or company?

VFQ memberships can be purchased for an individual, team, for a department or for a whole business.  If you want to discuss how this works and what might be best for you, please contact us here. Alternatively, if it’s just for one person, you can sign up now and get immediate access here.