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Value, Flow, Quality is an expansive and deep body of knowledge based on three simple Guiding Principles which highlight where our focus should be to do our best work:

  • Deliver Value Early and Often
  • Optimize the Flow of Work End-to-End
  • Discover Quality with Fast Feedback

Below you will find three steps to help you hit the ground running and explore different types of content available to you.


Explore your first course

For everyone new to VFQ, we highly recommend starting with the VFQ Foundations course. It can be completed in a couple of sittings and introduces you to the guiding principles and essential practices at the heart of VFQ. You can gain immediate benefits from these powerful ideas, even in their most basic form. Practically applying these ideas will help you improve the way you work. Forever.


Go deeper with learning modules

Hone in on a specific topic by turning your attention next to a learning module like Delivering Early and Often, or Discovering Quality. Study a concept in depth, hear how it worked through clear case studies, even take a shot at applying different aspects to your own work and challenges with engaging activities.


Become an instant expert with techniques

Now that we’re all working remotely, why not try introducing a daily stand-up to support better team collaboration; or run a retrospective on your team’s WFH practices to discover how they could be improved. You’ll find both of these techniques in our Techniques at a Glance. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and pitfall reminders help you avoid missteps.

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