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We are upgrading the VFQ platform to better serve product development teams within enterprises. Learn more by reading our FAQs.

Q: Is VFQ changing?

A: VFQ remains the same – a work-based principles and practice framework. It enables people to learn and adopt new, modern ways of working to deliver products, services or ideas to market. That said, our execution of this mission is evolving, and we’ve developed a new VFQ Digital Platform to better enable us to support the evolving learning needs of our enterprise clients. This means that the current platform at will soon be taken offline.


Q: Will VFQ remain at

A: The new VFQ Digital Platform will be hosted on Emergn’s website. This current VFQ platform will be retired on Tuesday, 30 November 2021.


Q: Why are you creating a new VFQ platform?

A: The current VFQ platform had evolved over the years to serve different needs and this led to technical constraints that prevented us from making enhancements to the site as fast as we would have liked. Our new VFQ Digital Platform has been designed to better serve the needs of our enterprise clients and gives us a foundation that we can build upon for years to come. Some enhancements you can expect on the new VFQ Digital Platform include:

  • Licensing via enterprise-level engagements
  • Course structure and format
  • More opportunities for interactive connection
  • Coming soon – assessments and recommendations to help your team adopt VFQ practices


Q: How will the new platform be different?

A: We’ve learned from feedback that we have received from users such as yourself and made some significant changes on the new VFQ Digital Platform. Highlights of these changes include:

  • We have re-structured our courses into shorter modules with many video-based lessons and quizzes to test comprehension as you progress through each module
  • The dashboard has been replaced with a Kanban board to better visualize your progress and plan your learning time
  • A more intuitive interface lets you easily discover new courses, tools, or individual modules so that you can find the learning you need, when you need it


Q:  How is VFQ staying the same?

A: VFQ continues to focus on helping organizations design work processes that maximize outcomes, rather than the dogmatic implementation of a single Agile methodology. VFQ also remains a flexible framework to strengthen the contributions of every role involved in bringing new ideas to market. Additionally, VFQ continues to complement your organization’s current system of work while enabling team members to put ideas into practice immediately.


Q: How do I get a license for the new VFQ Digital Platform?

A: Going forward, licenses for the new VFQ Digital Platform will be arranged exclusively through your organization. Please contact to discuss.


Q: How can I share VFQ with others in my organization?

A: We’d love to discuss a VFQ work-based learning program for your enterprise. Please email us at


Q: Who can I contact with additional questions?

A: Please email us at

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