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VFQ is a work-based education system that helps people develop the right mindset and mechanics by bringing together the latest thinking, practices and principles behind current methodologies from Agile, Lean, Leadership, Product Management and Design Thinking.

By signing up to VFQ you will get free access to a part of our online course. Our courses are built from many different forms of content and learning assets. In this free online sample pack, we have included session books, technique library cards and one page summaries so that you can get a feel for the topics that we cover in our courses, and start making improvements to the way that you work straight away.

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Product Management Online Course
Session 2 – Understanding Your Customer

Understanding your customer is a key stage in developing a successful product. In this free part of our online course, we share some perspectives on how to use customer research to drive a deep understanding of your customers’ pains, gains, and jobs-to-be-done.Developing personas is a key activity to help you connect yourself with the people you want to target and you will get a personas template so you can create your own. The course provides a set of clear instructions that are easy to follow, as well as activities that relate to your own work and a video to inspire you. You will also get an extract from the VFQ Product Management course book, activities, templates and a technique card. The full version of this course provides extra content that helps you manage your ideas better. Explore your context, your market and the art of the possible to develop products that matter.

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VFQ Session Books

Delivering Early and Often

There are 21 VFQ session books. By signing up you will get a digital copy of the full Scrum session book, containing theory, case studies and activities. Of the various Agile methods and practices, Scrum is probably the most famous. It describes itself as a ‘framework’ for developing software. You will also get the first chapter of Delivering Early and Often, which guides you through the major financial benefits of releasing value early.

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Technique Library Cards

Cost of Delay Divided by Duration (CD3)
5 Whys

There are 32 technique cards that make up the Technique Library. The cards are simple instructions for how to apply a technique with visuals and other suggested resources. You will have access to the Cost of Delay Divided by Duration (CD3) technique card. CD3 is used to determine the optimal prioritization for ideas, projects, features and work items. You will also get the 5 Whys technique card, which is used to get to the root cause of a problem by asking ‘why’.

Free summaries

One Page Summaries

Batch Size Matters

The one page summaries give bite sized tips from the key topics covered in the VFQ session books. You will get the Batch Size Matters one page summary. This explores how breaking down the quantity of work at each point in a process, will improve the flow of work by reducing cycle time, decreasing risk through faster feedback. The Teams one page summary delves into how improving the way that your team works will maximize their productivity and reduce project failure.