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Emergn VFQ client - BCS

The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile.

The BCS are known globally for their certifications that enhance skills and encourage career progression. They partnered with Emergn and developed the Practitioner Certificate in Agile based on VFQ education. VFQ is the leading Agile learning content that has helped some of the world’s largest organizations improve the way that they work.

The 10 VFQ modules that make up the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile courseware were developed with industry experts with a focus on putting theory into practice. It’s both practical and work-based to help you get value immediately from your learning.

The course will help you understand ‘why’ you should make the Agile transformation to your business and how to implement change through learning by doing. It will enable you to apply Agile to your own projects and establish deeper roots with a far greater chance of delivering the results you need. The result is a course that offers both breadth and depth of understanding.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is involved in an Agile team or for those looking to undergo a transformation to introduce Agile practices. Whether you’re a project manager, business analyst, developer, tester or product owner – you’re all good candidates.

What are the entry requirements?

There are none. If you already have some understanding from the Agile Foundation Certificate or if you’re certified in Scrum, or have been working in an Agile team, this certification is a great step to putting your knowledge into practice and developing your expertise. Find out more about the exam here.

BCS Agile Practitioner Certification courseware

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BCS Agile Practitioner Certification exam

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In today’s ever-changing and competitive market, professionals need knowledge, expertise and practical skills that are internationally recognized and industry relevant. Take the BCS Practitioner in Agile Certification exam to validate your skills.