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Our online courses are designed to bring an expert-led workshop experience to those who can’t travel to work face to face with us. Take concepts to action within your own work and learn by doing using our books, templates and online resources to guide you every step of the way. Our supported courses will give you the feedback you need to accelerate the adoption of your techniques.


Product Management
Online Course

Learn the skills needed to be a great Product Manager. You will know how to have better conversations with your stakeholders and your customers. The course provides a structured way to explore and validate your ideas, develop your business model and run your own experiments.


Agile Practitioner
Online Course

Become an Agile Practitioner. Using the material that supports the BCS Practitioner in Agile Certification, this course will help you understand and apply the tools and techniques of Agile. We’ll teach you how to think differently and approach Agile with an adaptive and outcome focused mindset.


The Fundamentals
of VFQ

Shift your mindset by understanding and adopting the 3 guiding principles of VFQ. These principles help organizations to better compete against disruptors and respond to the increasing demand of customers in the digital economy.


Our workshops and on-site training provide an immersive experience to all learners, with the added benefit of real time feedback and the ability to meet and have fun with like-minded people. Bring your ideas to life in a practical way. Join one of our workshops today!


BCS Practitioner
in Agile

Kickstart your learning for the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile. This course employs practical exercises, case studies and discussions to speed up your learning which you can share with others in the classroom.


The Fundamentals
of VFQ

An introduction to the three guiding principles of VFQ. This course employs practical exercises, case studies and discussions as a first step for those who want to better understand what these principles are and why they matter.


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Our courses help you put theory into practice. And that’s what our certifications validate – application of skill, not just book knowledge. They’re built by practitioners for people who demonstrate that they know what they’re doing.


VFQ Certification in Product Management

Take the Certification in Product Management to validate your skills. The Certification provides a structured way to explore your ideas, develop your business model and run your own experiments. Learn how to have better conversations with your customers and your stakeholders too.


BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile

Become a Certified Agile Practitioner. The certification validates your skills by enabling you to help your organisation launch and roll out Agile ways of working. There is an emphasis on practical skills to help tailor an Agile transformation that delivers value straight away.


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Find out more about our experience developing certifications and how it has informed the development of the latest VFQ certifications. We’re looking for you to learn, but we’re looking for you to have impact too. That’s why we provide feedback and that’s why you’ll learn best with VFQ.


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