Wanting ‘to do Agile’ but with no idea why?

How deliberate are you about probing ‘why’, before you jump to conclusions and start implementing the methodology, solution or answer?

When discussing methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban with a group of people, I instantly had those divided and ‘wanting’ to do Scrum and those looking at Kanban. Post this session I learned that one of the members had started recruiting for a Scrum Master, as he wanted to ‘do’ Scrum.

It reminded me, as I asked him about the type of work and problems the team were having today, that all too often we dive into the methodology, solution or answer, without understanding the reasons for our problems first.

A good way of helping yourself with this is to get in the habit of using tools such as ‘Five whys’ (originally developed by Sakichi Toyoda) or the Ishikawa diagram (fishbone diagram), created by Karou Ishikawa. These tools can help you be more deliberate about probing the root cause of the issue or your problem, before making assumptions and testing them.

This is all about ‘being’ Agile rather than ‘doing’ Agile.

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