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The world's best Agile training

Practical, pragmatic and comprehensive.

VFQ is the work-based education system that brings together the best thinking, practices and principles behind current methodologies, from Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Lean.



Access to the most comprehensive digital library with the topics, techniques and templates needed to help you improve your agility and deliver more value.




Our courses offer both breadth and depth of understanding and are suitable for anyone looking to implement or improve Agile within an organization.




When BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, decided to create a professional and expert level Certification in Agile, VFQ was their first choice. It’s the world’s first work-based education program in Agile-Lean practices.

  • "It’s great that we can apply VFQ to real projects as it allows us to better make the associations and thus retain the information."

    Mo Butikofer Travelport
  • "The activities, games and case studies helped me to relate the principles of VFQ to some of the challenges we face day-to-day in our work."

    Gayathri Balyam Tesco
  • "VFQ is interesting and varied – engaging activities and balance of theory and learning."

    Richard Chainey Kennedys
  • "The session books and presentation content slides were superb – other training courses could learn from this."

    Matthew Bond Department For Education
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed the course content and the real world examples and statistics used to reinforce the materials."

    Lori Cobb Travelport
  • "Thanks to the VFQ learning pathway, we now realise that there is a far more efficient way to deliver quality to our customers."

    Siobham McDermit Scottish Enterprise
  • "The activities were simply amazing – the course material is different to all other Agile principles."

    Sam George Tesco

Topics that deliver outcomes

Regardless if you are setting out to learn Scrum, you have a problem with Prioritization, or you need to design and develop more compelling products, VFQ provides you with a pathway or session that will help you improve the way you and your team work.


Learning that sticks

People learn best when they have the chance to put theoretical learning into practice. That’s why VFQ is a work-­based course. A training course can feel exciting, but unless the lessons are delivered in a way that works for you and applied in practice, it becomes meaningless. VFQ contains numerous activities, designed to help you learn through doing and implement lasting change.


Optimize skills and capability

Scrum. Kanban. Product Owner. Manager. Whatever your situation, role and environment, VFQ provides comprehensive and practical techniques and concepts that help you improve the way work works. With a focus on delivering value early and often, optimizing the flow of work for faster delivery and discovering quality through fast feedback, we provide you with the tools to enhance your skills and capability to respond to an increasingly demanding environment.

VFQ Partners

We have been asked many times by clients for more help to implement changes within their teams, projects, departments and across the organization.  Below are a number of companies who are qualified to train, coach and consult using the principles of VFQ.  If you require help in changing the way you work for a team, department or entire enterprise, please get in touch with a VFQ Partner.  Alternatively contact us below and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction depending on your scale, speed and support requirements.